CU2 for SCCM 2012 R2 is now released–Does it improve/impact Intune customers?

The CU2 update for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 was just release. As with all CU’s, they include both fixes and improvements. With this blog post I want to highlight the things that are included in CU2 and will improve/impact Intune customers.

If you read the Kb2970177 you will se the following:

Mobile device management / Intune
  • Policies that apply to devices that are used together with Windows Intune may take 10 minutes or more to apply. Additionally, policies that are created before enrollment may not appear on the new device.
  • The Policy Request and Management Point fields for mobile devices may be missing from the Client Activity Details tab on the summary page for a given device.

Except for the two bug fixes it also includes one other major thing and that’s – Speed. If you been working with device enrollment you probably noticed that it can take a wile for the device to receive all the profiles/policies you deployed to it.With the CU2 for SCCM 2012 R2 and the May update for the Intune backend, this has been improved a lot.

So, if you use User Collection targeted Polices and Profiles they will be delivered to the User’s devices immediately after enrolling the devices.

The start benefit from this feature, install SCCM 2012 R2 CU 2 and test to enroll. Below you see a demonstration on the steps and the result.

  1. Install SCCM 2012 CU2

  2. Verify that your profiles/policy’s is deployed to a user collection

  3. Enroll a device and validate that the profiles/policy’s is deployed immediately

Important links from the videos:

Update 1 – If you have an existing SCEP profile you need to “manually” update it so it can be deployed during enrollment. Easiest way is to open the profile and just change the name or any other “cosmetic” change will also work. This will add a new revision on the profile and it will now work. Note that all SCEP profiles added after you applied CU2 is not affected by this issue

Windows Intune + Samsung KNOX = True

Last week Samsung announced that Samsung KNOX will support Windows Intune. Except for this, they also announced that they will add “Workplace Join” functionality into the Samsung Androids devices so the will be able to workplace join an Active Directory (this can be done on IOS and Windows 8.x today).

This is very good news for all Windows Intune customers that uses Samsung Android devices, really looking forward to the update

Read the full Samsung Press Release

What’s new in the Jan/Feb 2014 Intune update

The Jan/Feb 2014 update to Windows Intune has now been out for a couple of weeks. This was the first  update that was released through the SCCM “Extensions for Windows Intune”


So what did the update actually include:

  • Ability for the administrator to configure email profiles, which can automatically configure (IOS and WP8) the device with the appropriate email server information and related policies, as well as the ability to remove the profile along with the email itself via a remote wipe if needed (Only IOS).
  • Support for new configuration settings in iOS 7, including the "Managed open in" capability to protect corporate data by controlling which apps and accounts are used to open documents and attachments, and disabling the fingerprint unlock feature.
  • Ability for the administrator to remotely lock the device if it is lost or stolen, and reset the password if the user forgets it (as of now, this this feature only exist in the Intune standalone cloud service).

If you would like to see a good demo of some of the new features, please look at the interview on Channel9 with Martin Booth

Best of MMS 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden

On the 16th of May Best of MMS 2013 will take place in Stockholm,Sweden (in Swedish). 16 sessions and three different tracks will be available!!

It is being arranged by Truesec, Microsoft and Lumagate, you can find all the details and registration information here:


I gotten the opportunity to do one presentation:

Managing IOS, WP8, WIN RT using CM and Intune, together with Jörgen Nilsson from Onevinn

I am really looking forward to it!
Don’t miss it!


SCCM 2012 SP1+Intune=True

Today Microsoft announced that System Center Configurations Manager 2012 SP1 will include interoperability with Windows Intune vNext.

Expect the interoperability of Windows Intune and System Center Configuration Manager Console, Windows Intune will add support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT devices (current Intune version support Windows Phone 7, IPhone and Android)

I’m glad to see that these two products starts to grow together and I hope to see even more integration in the feature.


Read the whole announced from Microsoft

Två spännande seminarier du inte vill missa

I höst erbjuder Microsoft TechNet i samarbete med Knowledge Factory två intressanta seminariedagar för dig som vill utvecklas – såväl personligt som professionellt. Missa inte dem!


Gurun Richard Klees till Sverige

Lär dig att övertyga din chef, dina kunder eller andra i din omgivning! Kom och lyssna till en helt magisk presentation med Richard Klees, som har tränat några av de bästa föreläsarna i världen. Detta seminarium är ett måste för dig som skall föreläsa på stora konferenser så som t ex Best of MMS, eller TechDays – men även för dig som vill utvecklas personligt och förbättra dina möjligheter på arbetsmarknaden.
› Stockholm (29 september)

Mer information och anmälan »

Deployment Roadshow vNext

Vill du lära dig mer om nyheterna i ConfigMgr 2012 och MDT 2012? Anmäl dig till Deployment Roadshow vNext! Då får du en teknisk heldag om Systems Management och Windows Deployment med Wally Mead, som är en legend inom Systems Management. Missa inte chansen att träffa honom och tre tunga MVP:er – Mikael Nyström, Andreas Stenhall och Johan Arwidmark. Johan blev dessutom topprankad bland de 523 talarna vid senaste TechEd i Atlanta.
› Göteborg (29 november)
› Sundsvall (30 november)
› Stockholm (1 december)
› Malmö (2 december)

Mer information och anmälan »

System Center Updates Publisher 2011 has been released!

Today Microsoft released the new version of System Center Update Publisher (SCUP). Here is the new features:

New in System Center Updates Publisher 2011

  • Simpler setup with no database installation
  • An improved user interface that allows better control of managing software updates
  • Improved applicability rule authoring experience
  • Improved performance when importing and managing software updates
  • The ability to create software update bundles
  • The ability to define prerequisite and superseded updates as part of a software update definition
  • A new Software Update Cleanup Wizard that you can use to expire software updates that exist on the update server, but are not in the Updates Publisher 2011 repository
  • A new “Automatic” publication type with which Updates Publisher 2011 can query Configuration Manager to determine whether the selected software updates should be published with full content or only metadata

Since I was privileged to be in the TAP I have been testing the 2011 version and for me the last function “A new “Automatic” publication type” is the coolest. I think this will make it so much easier to publish the right drivers for example if you add the Dell driver catalog.

NOTE! You have to update your WSUS server with the 2530678 hotfix to get all of the functions to work

Download SCUP 2011 from Microsoft

Read more about SCUP from the Jason Lewis blog

New hotfixes you want to install if you use SCCM

In the last weeks Microsoft released a couple of good and important hotfixes for all of you that uses  SCCM 2007 R2.

  1. If you installed the 2212600 update that lets you import the same driver multiple times and you use driver categories you might have noticed that the category information is overwritten. To fix this Microsoft released the below update:
  2. If you use SCUP and have a SCCM multi site infrastructure, and you try to publish updates with "metadata only" they will not be replicated to the WSUS hierarchy servers.
    Note that the above updates are identical and you should only install one of them (not sure why the WSUS team released two)
  3. If you have a Task sequence that installs many updates (more then 80) you might have noticed that the TS might stop responding. To fix this Microsoft released the below update:
  4. If you have a Task sequence that installs a lot of Software (more then 100) you might have noticed that the TS might stop responding. To fix this Microsoft released the below update:

Good news for SCE and SCCM admins–Adobe will release a SCUP catalog

One question I have always gotten from customers when showing how you can use a catalog in SCE/SCCM to automatically update applications and drivers is – Does Adobe provide any catalog for Acrobat and until now the answer has been no. But there is good news. Adobe will provide a catalog for Acrobat and Reader X.


Download the Acrobat Enterprise Administration where you find more details

Note! You can buy SCUPdates from Shavlik, this have a large list of applications that it supports.

New cool System Center products and features was showcased at MMS 2009

This week was an important week for everyone that is working with System Center Products. Last night I was looking at one of the keynotes (click to view “MMS Day 2 Keynote”) that Brad Anderson presented and during the keynote a couple of cool demos was shown. There were especially two of them that made me happy:

  1. I must admit that I have never been a big fan of SCCM but the SCCM vNext looks really cool. The new way you can “target” application will really make life easier for the user. Below you  see a print screen of the product where you can configure how the application should be applied to “me” as a user depending on how and what I logon to. They also moved to the new “System Center Console” instead of the MMC:(To view this demo, go directly to 01:33:20)

UPDATE – Bill Anderson talks about the SCCM vNext

  1. The second thing I wanted to write about is the new product System Center Online Desktop manager (SCODM). This looks like a “System Center Essentials” in the cloud product. In the first release it will be able to manage (To view this demo, go directly to 01:13:50)
    1. Update management (Windows Update)
    2. Host Protection (Forefront Client Protection)
    3. Remote Assistance
    4. Asset Management
    5. Desktop Monitoring
    6. Desktop Configuration

This product will be updated every 6 month and feature that were mention during the keynote was Software Deployment


The above print screen show you an overview of your hole environment as regards to updates, malware and policy setting


The above print screen show you an overview of the update status in your environment


The above print screen show you an overview of the malware status in your environment