System Center Updates Publisher 2011 has been released!

Today Microsoft released the new version of System Center Update Publisher (SCUP). Here is the new features:

New in System Center Updates Publisher 2011

  • Simpler setup with no database installation
  • An improved user interface that allows better control of managing software updates
  • Improved applicability rule authoring experience
  • Improved performance when importing and managing software updates
  • The ability to create software update bundles
  • The ability to define prerequisite and superseded updates as part of a software update definition
  • A new Software Update Cleanup Wizard that you can use to expire software updates that exist on the update server, but are not in the Updates Publisher 2011 repository
  • A new “Automatic” publication type with which Updates Publisher 2011 can query Configuration Manager to determine whether the selected software updates should be published with full content or only metadata

Since I was privileged to be in the TAP I have been testing the 2011 version and for me the last function “A new “Automatic” publication type” is the coolest. I think this will make it so much easier to publish the right drivers for example if you add the Dell driver catalog.

NOTE! You have to update your WSUS server with the 2530678 hotfix to get all of the functions to work

Download SCUP 2011 from Microsoft

Read more about SCUP from the Jason Lewis blog

Good news for SCE and SCCM admins–Adobe will release a SCUP catalog

One question I have always gotten from customers when showing how you can use a catalog in SCE/SCCM to automatically update applications and drivers is – Does Adobe provide any catalog for Acrobat and until now the answer has been no. But there is good news. Adobe will provide a catalog for Acrobat and Reader X.


Download the Acrobat Enterprise Administration where you find more details

Note! You can buy SCUPdates from Shavlik, this have a large list of applications that it supports.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.5 is now released

System Center Updates Publisher  (SCUP) is a stand-alone tool that you can use to create your own update catalogs that can be imported in SCE and SCCM. A new version of System Center Updates Publisher is now available to download from Microsoft. New features in this release is:

  • Synchronization command line tool (SCUPSync.exe) which enables you to import and publish updates without using the Updates Publisher console interface.
  • Ability to publish updates as “metadata only”, which publishes the software update definition without the associated update file.
  • Ability to configure proxy server credentials in the Updates Publisher console


Download System Center Updates Publisher 4.5 from Microsoft