Intune will power the new MDM feature in Office 365

Today at Teched Europe, Microsoft announced a new feature in Office 365 – built-in mobile device management for Office 365. What cool about this is that you will actually be using the Intune backend and if you want to get more feature there will be an easy way to “upgrade” to Intune

To get a better understanding on what will be included in the Office 365 SKUs and what will be included in EMS/Intune, please visit 

To see some of the feature in action, below you have a short video explaining the features.


CU2 for SCCM 2012 R2 is now released–Does it improve/impact Intune customers?

The CU2 update for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 was just release. As with all CU’s, they include both fixes and improvements. With this blog post I want to highlight the things that are included in CU2 and will improve/impact Intune customers.

If you read the Kb2970177 you will se the following:

Mobile device management / Intune
  • Policies that apply to devices that are used together with Windows Intune may take 10 minutes or more to apply. Additionally, policies that are created before enrollment may not appear on the new device.
  • The Policy Request and Management Point fields for mobile devices may be missing from the Client Activity Details tab on the summary page for a given device.

Except for the two bug fixes it also includes one other major thing and that’s – Speed. If you been working with device enrollment you probably noticed that it can take a wile for the device to receive all the profiles/policies you deployed to it.With the CU2 for SCCM 2012 R2 and the May update for the Intune backend, this has been improved a lot.

So, if you use User Collection targeted Polices and Profiles they will be delivered to the User’s devices immediately after enrolling the devices.

The start benefit from this feature, install SCCM 2012 R2 CU 2 and test to enroll. Below you see a demonstration on the steps and the result.

  1. Install SCCM 2012 CU2

  2. Verify that your profiles/policy’s is deployed to a user collection

  3. Enroll a device and validate that the profiles/policy’s is deployed immediately

Important links from the videos:

Update 1 – If you have an existing SCEP profile you need to “manually” update it so it can be deployed during enrollment. Easiest way is to open the profile and just change the name or any other “cosmetic” change will also work. This will add a new revision on the profile and it will now work. Note that all SCEP profiles added after you applied CU2 is not affected by this issue

Updated version of the Support Tool for Windows Intune Trial Management of Window Phone 8 is now avalable

Today a revision to the Support Tool for Windows Intune Trial Management of Window Phone 8 has been released. This tool facilitates Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager admins and Windows Intune standalone admins to try out Windows Phone 8 enrollment and software distribution scenarios during the Trial period.

The new revisions include:

· The new Windows Intune Company Portal for Windows Phone 8 released on Oct 18.

· A bug fix to address the ‘UBound’ error in the vbscript. [This script is needed only for Configuration Manager and not Intune standalone]

Download Support Tool for Windows Intune Trial Management of Window Phone 8

Windows Intune Company Portals now available for Windows, IOS and Android

Company Portal Downloads

Company Portal


Installation Method

Windows Intune Company Portal

Windows 8.x (x86/x64 and RT)

Windows Store

Microsoft Download Center

Direct User Installation




IT Deployment

System Center Configuration Manager Company Portal

Windows 8.x

(x86/x64 only)

Microsoft Download Center Only

IT Deployment

Windows Intune Company Portal for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Download Center Only

IT Deployment

Windows Intune Company Portal for iOS

App Store

Direct User Installation


Windows Intune Company Portal for Android

Google Play

Direct User Installation


Best of MMS 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden

On the 16th of May Best of MMS 2013 will take place in Stockholm,Sweden (in Swedish). 16 sessions and three different tracks will be available!!

It is being arranged by Truesec, Microsoft and Lumagate, you can find all the details and registration information here:


I gotten the opportunity to do one presentation:

Managing IOS, WP8, WIN RT using CM and Intune, together with Jörgen Nilsson from Onevinn

I am really looking forward to it!
Don’t miss it!


SCCM 2012 SP1+Intune=True

Today Microsoft announced that System Center Configurations Manager 2012 SP1 will include interoperability with Windows Intune vNext.

Expect the interoperability of Windows Intune and System Center Configuration Manager Console, Windows Intune will add support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT devices (current Intune version support Windows Phone 7, IPhone and Android)

I’m glad to see that these two products starts to grow together and I hope to see even more integration in the feature.


Read the whole announced from Microsoft