Windows Deployment Service (WDS) in “Windows 8” server

As you probably haven’t missed, Microsoft has released a lot of information about there next client&server OS this week. One cool thing was that they also released both the OS beta bits to the public and this weekend I tested to install a couple of clients and some servers with different roles. In this post I will show a couple of new things I found in the Windows Deployment role (WDS).

Install WDS in Standalone mode

In W2008 R2 you could install WDS as a standalone but you had to do a lot of manual steps. The good news is that Johan Arwidmark has documented all the steps. But in Windows 8 server, you can select this in the configuration wizard and it will do all the configuration for you.


Better filters for driver groups

In W2008 Microsoft added the function to import drivers and group them in drivers groups. The problem was that the list of filters that could be used very poor. One that you can’t live without is for example “model”. The good news is that Microsoft extended the filters and models is now included (and we also got Image ID and Device Group as filter options). Unfortunately we still miss some “”operators”, not all the vendors have a easy and clean model description.




Deploy OS on ARM

As you know, Windows will be able to run on ARM based processors in Windows 8. It looks like we might be able to deploy them in WDS.


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