Dell Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) now supports Windows 8

If you need to do any type of Bios configuration on you Dell business client (Dell OptiPlex™ desktops, Dell Latitude™ laptops, and Dell Precision™ workstations), CCTK is the tool for you. Today Dell released an updated version (2.1.1) that adds:

  • Support for new platforms
  • Support for the following new BIOS options
    • Signed Firmware Update
    • Fan Speed
    • Stealth Mode
    • Fan Control Override
    • Multi display
    • Chassis intrusion status – Support for Door Open, Door close, Tripped & Trip reset
    • Autoon – Argument ‘selectdays’ added for selecting the days.
    • PCI Bus CountOwner Password
    • System Defaults
    • Primary battery management configuration
    • Battery slice management configuration
    • Module bay battery management configurationhdd1fanenable
    • hdd2fanenable
    • hdd3fanenable
    • unobtrusivemode
    • intlrapidstart
    • intlsmartconnect
    • legacyorom
    • oromuiprotection
    • tpmppiacpi
    • tpmppidpo
    • tpmppipo
    • unobtrusivemode
  • Support for the following new options in SCE (Self Contained Executable)
        – log
        – nolog
        – extraction
  •   Support for Windows 8
  •   Support for WinPE 4

Except for these new features, it also fixes some bugs that were discovered in earlier versions


Read more and download it from Dell  –

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